Saturday, April 08, 2006

Karin, episode 20.


Anonymous said...

I've seen some other groups translations of this
series but you guys seem to really get the right
wording/intent of what the characters means.

It becomes really apparently when checking out
the other groups version.

Anyway, thanks, this episode in particular was a
really big one and to get the meanings and
emotions right is a necessity.

I'm thinking of Bge's speech at about 13:22 -
really heart wrenching.

Rioraku said...

great subbing and wow....I mean....I just love when an anime that seems like a cutesy, at times serious one, turns into a completely emotionally angsty plot twisting one....down to the Final Four eps. now...

Anonymous said...

best ep sp far imo. most teasing cliffhanger ever.

and yeah, i agree with the OP, this ep was key to get accurate and meaningful translations. as always, well done and thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wow after those comments I'm really looking forward to it now! That last one (ep. 19) was so emotionally intense and I felt so sad for Karin's friend-san. W-kun is so blind.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for your rally high qualitiy subs!


bakaman said...

One translation note and some Major Questions!

Great episode!
#1: Though I had just one minor thought on the translation: at around 12:15 Karin's in bed dreaming (of being with Usui) and mutters "dame da yo, usui-kun!" (a vague phrase meaning "it's no good", or "No!", etc). You put it as "I can't hold it anymore" (a perfectly valid choice, as she's said it when she's about to gush out blood) -- but this phrase is a common phrase used all the time for hundreds of other situations as well, and if you look at her face dreaming as she says that, I think she's dreaming about something, uh, a little more naughty. Of course without any other context to bounce the phrase off of, it's up to the translator to put a meaning in for it.. but if you look at her face (knowing how this expression can be used for uh, certain other situations, heh) maybe I might have done it as something more like "No, not that, Usui-kun!" Very minor I know (and of course totally subjective due to the nature of it) but it's a really funny moment, and I don't think she was dreaming about a nosebleed.. :)

#2: AM I BRAIN DEAD? I guess I'm missing something. I didn't seem to understand a lot of what was going on.
-- What is it that Boogie wants Anju to tell Karin? What is Anju holding back that's making her (Anju) cry inside? Is it that she's about to awaken? Is it that she's lonely now that Karin's with Usui a lot? What is it that would make Boogie go to such extremes?
-- And what is it that Anju did that allows her to say "Now Onee-chan can be with Usui-kun forever." Acting like a jerk? Biting her best friend? Sucking the jealousy out of Maki? Making Karin feel so disgusted at Anju that she resolves herself never to drink Usui's blood? I understand that Anju's doing whatever she does for Karin's sake, but WHAT exactly did she DO that would make Karin free to be with Usui forever? (and then she talks about how she was noble for doing it, and did it to the very end...) WHAT DID SHE DO? Ack!
I know this is the major point of the episode, and I don't understand it...

bakaman said...

Oh, and one more -- continuing from last week, because yet again for two weeks in a row, Kenta's mom has new bite marks on her. These have to be new, right? Because many episodes ago, the initial bite marks Karin gave her faded away. So who is biting her? Anyone care to take a guess? And doesn't Kenta notice them?

Torgen said...

I think the note the bat was carrying says Elda has found a way to turn Karin into a normal vampire. Knowing that this would mean she wouldn't be able to be with Usui, Anju set out to make Karin hate vampires by appearing to become the most callous example of one, implying that the same thing would happen to Karin. Thus, when Karin gets the message from Elda, she won't consider taking her up on the offer.

Anonymous said...

That episode was pretty good and had a little intense moment as well, I'm only dissappointed that the series is almost over. You guys do a great job.

bakaman said...

Thanks, just re-watched it, and now it makes sense after what you said. Powerful episode. Poor Anju.

Larkane said...

Thanks a lot for clearing that up i was wondering the same tihng as Bakaman but now that you said that it makes a lot of sense :D

Anonymous said...

I agree with Torgen. I had to watch the episode twice to figure out what was going on because I overlooked the letter Anju got first time through, but I think it was from Elda.

Bakaman: I think the bite marks on Usui's mother's neck were Karin's. I think it was episode 17 or 18 when Usui tells Karin he wished she would bite his mother again, and judging by the way she's acting in the episode, I think Karin did what he asked. It's only speculation though.

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