Sunday, April 02, 2006

If there's anything I dislike doing, it's releasing anime episodes on April 1st. Nobody knows whether you're serious or not, after all. So, April 2nd. Karin, episode 19.


syn said...

Haha i would have taken it serious ;D

thanks again for your great subs.

Anonymous said...

thx for your great qualitiy subs


Anonymous said...

I would have thought "did they translate it into
swahili?" Very good gentlemen!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great release xD
Yay finally something happening~ Can't wait for the next ep.
Thank god for magically appearing anime snow!

Cyber Fox said...

It would be nice if you sub Kaiketsu Zorori and it's successor

Torgen said...

Not going to happen, for what I hope are obvious reasons.

Rioraku said...

*sob*....I love/loathe those kind of endings....great subbing as usual =D

bakaman said...

(Spolier Alert)
Few things...
* Great episode, perfectly written and executed.
* Great subbing job as usual, except I've been wondering about the video quality. Once again it seems to be a little weird. Probably the most annoying thing are the weird "artifacts" that happen at the lower half of the screen when there's a hard scene change (happens on-and-off throughout the episode). It's happened before... out of 19 episodes, about 5 or 6 have had this problem, the others haven't had it at all. This may be anal, but I'm curious, because when it happens it happens for the entire episode. What is it in the encoding that causes it on some episodes but not on others? It's hard to explain, but better to give examples. Check out how the scene changes look here:
* 17:01, right after "..waste of time to talk to him."
* 13:14, right at the end of "..let's see, where should I start?"
* 8:23, right after "Don't laugh."
* 8:05, on the scene change between "This outfit is embarassing" and "But I'm with Usui"
These are just a few examples. Again, not trying to be critical, you guys do such a great job. But I wonder why on some episodes this always happens, and not on others (on at least one of them where I saw the raws, they didn't have the problem even though the WeSuck version did). If it happened every episode, it'd be easier to understand, but it's only on certain episodes...

* Huh? Did I miss something? Why does Kenta's mom have bite marks on her neck?! (And her face is red -- or is that from being near the heater?) Karin's marks have long since worn off, but I don't remember any scenes that show another vampire bit her. Did Karin? Ren? Those WERE bite marks, no?

* I didn't understand what was going on with Boogie-kun & Anju at the end. As they watch it snow, Boogie doesn't respond to her, then finally does, but Anju gives a mighty concerned look (at least to me it looked that way) and gasp. Or is that me just imaginging stuff?

* Maki: absolutely perfect the way this was written. Thank goodness she's written as a "real person" rather than a characature (as Winner-kun is). You really feel for her, standing out there in the snow after being rejected like that.

Sorry for going on about the video artifacts (or whatever they are), am just curious. But thanks once again for a great job on a great episode. One of the best ones yet!

bakaman said...

Karin in Swahili? Well, then I would've said "Asante!" (And Karin would constantly have to ask "Choo kiko wapi?")...

Larkane said...

Bakaman, i think it only happens to some people cause i havent had a problem with any of my Episodes with what you speak of, Its odd others are having problems but i aint O_o

Anonymous said...

Technical question here: I have downloaded the episode twice with the same results. When I select the file in Explorer I get an error messagethat explorer has "encountered a problem". The details include the codex name ""
Has this file been encoded differently that he previous episodes.
I believe that explorer is accessing this codec in order to determine file property information.

Anonymous said...

*spoiler warning!*

Regarding Anju's oddness, it seems to me she's awakened. She only ate one bite of the cake and didn't give a particularly affirmative response to Karin's asking if it was good.

*amateur AVIsynth user warning!*

I could be way off-mark, but the artifacts look kinda like they could be from buffer over-runs due to quirky deinterlacing. I haven't seen the raws, so take my insights with a grain of salt.

Even with the occasional artifact, the picture quality is good, and the translation quality is exceptional -- you guys do great work!

Anonymous said... - solved.
Google Desktop search did not report that file even being on my PC - but that is another problem.
I renamed the file adding ".old" to the end of the file anme and now everything works.
I cannot image what happened as I've not installed a new codec for at least 9 months.
I found the file located in C:\WINDOWS\system32

Larkane said...

I honestly think Karin doesnt Awaken like her Family since she injects and doesnt suck the blood, Due to her being a different Vampire i think she will always be the way she is :) just sometihng i am thinking thats all.

Anonymous said...

I guess she will always stay like that yeah. I just don't get why her grandma told Usui after she found out "All the more reason to suck your blood"..? Why o_O *is also wondering about dumb things* xP

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