Monday, March 27, 2006

Karin, episode 18. Hopefully this remains tolerable to watch; also, no OP/ED :(


Anonymous said...


Fangirl said...

Of course it is! It's so BL in this one! <3

Anonymous said...

A weird episode - we get some insights on why
Ren doesn't like men much - I can see why - the
school council is insufferable and that's all I say.
Thanks again for the work - we'll see what the next
episode brings since it seems to be going back to
the Karin/Usui arc again and that's fine with me.

Anonymous said...

Eesshh, that nearly turned into yaoi... Weird...

bakaman said...

Now I know what you mean about being watchable (at first I thought you meant the video quality would be bad or something).
Boy, that episode really sucked.
Well, one bad episode out of 18 so far isn't bad I guess. But yeah, it was pretty bad.
Even though it was a backstory episode, it didn't fit AT ALL with the tone of the show. I know in the manga there's a bonus story on Ren (haven't gotten that far to read it yet, only skimmed it) so I don't know if it's the same story or not, but even just the tone of the episode was so out of kilter with the rest of the episodes...
The only thing I actaully DID like about it was them putting story over the OP and ED (too bad it was such a crappy story). My point though, is that if it was a cool episode, I wouldn't have minded at all losing the OP and ED to extend the story.
Well hopefully it seems that things might get back to normal next week (focusing on Karin and Usui again). I guess it can't be an anime without an Xmas show or a beach/pool show. The pool has been done already, that just leaves the Xmas show.. but it might be kind of nice.

Anonymous said...

I don't get something... who has the bite marks at the end? The guy Ren knew from school or one of the two girls he's holding? At first it looks like it could be one of the girls (as both of the girls he has wrapped around him have red faces, as if their blood was just sucked) but then when they do a closeup of the bite marks, you see a white collar, which is like the GUY'S coat (and when he smirks, you don't see any fangs). So... are the bite marks supposed to be on one of the girls (making Ma-kun a vampire too) or left-over, old bite marks on the guy himself that Ren put there long ago?

Torgen said...

It's Makoto who still has the bite marks. Ren's side story in the manga is entirely dissimilar to this one--he goes to a regular school there, and he can't make an appointment with a girl because his vampirism keeps him trapped in a shed during daylight.

Rioraku said...

I liked the ep.....I mean it was cool....(not gay)...but in response to...anonymous (the last one that posted) the people who are bitten don't turn into vampires (apparently) so that guy couldn't have been one though he was bitten.

Akillarian said...

Thanks for karin 18

Anonymous said...

Your one of the quickest fansuber i know. Thank your for all this karin subs.

wildarmsheero said...

This episode was a wonderful parody on shounen-ai. It had me laughing a lot. Still, it was not a great Karin episode as it deviated a lot from what I've come to know and love from an episode of Karin.

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