Friday, June 24, 2005

I finally managed to get the filesize targeting right! Stupid codec.

Loveless episode 11.

Edit: oh yes, a most excellent new layout. w00t


Anonymous said...


Sen said...

Thanks alot! and nope you don't suck at all!! you're speedy and good at subbing, so thanks alot once again! ^_^v

Debbie said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Anonymous said...

PHWOAR. love the layout. <3 loveless 11, love you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for another great Loveless release! And great layout! It's so pretty! Keep up with the awesome work!

YUME said...


{Madridista} said...

thaaaaaaanx..u rock!!! thanx so much!

Anonymous said...

We suck dont sucks!
Thank you very much for the quick relaese of episode 11

blitzmurks said...

Thank you Suckies! So speedy to feed my addiction. Miau!

pRinCesSugaR said...

the layout is pretty pretty pretty!
thank you for the subs
am downloading right now XD
so next week is the last ep, ne?

blueberry~chan said...

WHOA sukee the new layout is so pretty. i want a wallpaper with those pretty butterflies. thnx for the super fast release. can't wait til next week's ep :)

rizu said...

thank you!!!!
It was a great ep, really and so fast released!! *^^*
But I have a question. Aren't there some mistakes in ripping in eps 10&11th? I thought it was an error in downloading, but it occured even if I downloaded it several times again. I mean in some moments text is blurred. In ep10 there're few during the battle (when restricting Soubi and when Kouya says "aye-aye" (her hand) and when Soubi wants to end it (his arm), when Kouya sees Yamato's name disappeare) and in ep11 during the op theme and when Kyo talks about Soubi being a zombie. Could you please chec those eps? *w*

Btw, great layout!!! *^^*

chikaji said...

Strange, I had no problems with Episode 10 and 11.
Maybe youll need a new codec?

Anonymous said...

*yay* episode 11!!! Just 1 more...
episode 12 looks...scary. Could this mean Soubi will die?! NO!

Yin said...

Ah, that was a feel-good episode. Thank you so much for the fansub. But it's sad, the next episode will be the last one. Noooo... ;_;

Li Lian said...

Yay, much love to you for LOVELESS :D! I love your speedyness ;o!

Anonymous said...

Thank you a bunch. Loved Loveless 11 can hardly wait for number 12. You rule!^___^

rizu said...

chikaji>>> maybe, but all previous episodes were ok... *sniff*
It's kind of disturbing...

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E said...

Thank you so much for subbing Loveless. Thank you for putting it out in a timely fashion. Thank you for existing. Thank you for doing great work. Thank you. Thank you. And more thank yous. Loveless is a dream come true and I'd be lost without it.

maledei said...

thank you so very much for translating loveless for us!

i'm overwhelmed by that show. and does anyone else like the soundtrack as much as i do?

Doug said...

Beautiful new Layout. Thanks for Loveless 11! Can't wait for the last one! Horribly excited! :)

Anonymous said...

Kouya and Yamato ROCKSU! ^o^

va said...

zomg yes! thank you for subbing this series! ep 11 had me dying with laughter!

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you thank you thank you..
I'm eternally gratefull to you for subbing loveless<3

Tasuki said...

Thanks for the speedy subs!
I also have had the same problem with the blurred subtitles like Rizu described. Don't know why??

Anonymous said...

Well, I had no problerm with loveless at all.. I recomend as a player VLC Media Player. It's excelent for ogg files and even better for the simpler ones like .AVI... well, as for the chapter... My God! I got happy at the chapter.. it was a cute and happy one.. but next one... Seems so scary... I'm almost sure I won't like the ending at all.. people dying.. KYAAA noooo... Happy ending with Soubi and Earless Ritsuka would be just fine... ^__^

Anyawy.. thanks for subbing Loveless... can't wait for the final ando for your next work!

Keep on!! XD XD XD

Anonymous said...

I thought you should know that some asshole is trying to sell your subs on eBay. Fill out the Vero form and get their ass suspended. Everyone should report the listing in the meantime.

Torgen said...

These auctions have existed since we were subbing Popotan, and eBay doesn't pay attention to people reporting auctions like this unless those people are rights-holders for the show in question. In other words, Bandai Visual could maybe get those auctions taken down, but I can't, and I doubt any of you can either. (Unless eBay has changed how they operate recently.)

Nikki said...

HI Luv Loveless lU your transltions! whanted to know if you know when if loveless ends at episode 12? i'm so hooked on this anime and there are all this questions that hav'ent been answered yet also if there is a manga for loveless ? Thnax Nikki

Ruby said...

love the layout n____n

Anonymous said...

Yes there is a manga, five volumes total. There are, I think, two scanlation groups doing it and afaik the anime is rather close to the manga, two arcs will be left out though as far as I can say from looking at the raws. It's fun though, I'm looking forward to more scanlations. There also are two specials, attached to v2 and v3.

maho-chan ~^o^~ said...

Loveless 11!!!! *o*
I can't believe you! You're so fast!! Thank you!!!! I LOVE you guys! =3

Also, the new layout is absolutely gorgeous! Great colors, clean design and pretty pretty butterflies! ~^_^~

Keep going with the good work!
Jya nee~! ^.~

nikki said...

hi again, thanx for responding , does anyone know where you can get loveless scanlations? thanx in advance , also i feel sorry for poor ritsuka he is going thru a LOT!

Anonymous said...

Omfg your layout is gorgeous. <3 I have a Loveless layout for my LiveJournal as well. ^_^ And THANK YOU so much for the excellent work you've been doing translating Loveless. It's something I look forward to all the time. <3 I can't wait for the next one!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well, Maho-chan, OBSESSION scanlated volumes one and two of Loveless, you'll see thare are a lot fo differences from the anime... and the manga isn't finished yet, there are 5 volumes so far and it's still ongoing in japan... so loveless has no ending at all! Well, I have the raws for volumes 3, 4 and 5... so if you want them send me a mail... and can send you, since I don't know how to use "you send it"...

hope I could be of any use...
Lilymon here ^_^

PS: I also have 2 doujins from them.. well.... in one of them Soube really gets Ritsuka ears off hehehhhehe....

{Madridista} said...

does anyone know where i can get the manga of loveless..please HELP!

this is my email:-

Debbie said...

I would be so happy if anyone can send me those doujinshi or the manga vol1 and 2, please? my email is or if anyone could tell me where I can download it

Anonymous said...

does anyone know where I can find trans/scanlations of vol 3? I would love to read the manga I have and compare it with the anime. Where did you guys find djs?

Thank you for subbing Loveless so well and fast. It has become a favorite series and you guys are awesome. chu!

kam said...

you are the best T T

we love you sooooo ToT

Anonymous said...

A group called HOLLOW SACRIFICE (you shoudl find them with google or just google for loveless scnalations) does Loveless as well, other than Obsession they're a group just dedicate dto Loveless. They're not as far as Obsession but I think their translation is a tad better (although their image sneed a lot of editing if you ask me, the raws are much better).
However, the anime already left the line of the manga, so I would guess they're giving the show a proper ending...or I hope so.
However, I'm looking forward to more scanlated stuff, if needed I'll just edit the proper text into the raws myself, shouldn't be much of a problem. And of course I hope for a new ep release this weekend ;)

Anonymous said...

minna-san!! *everyone* here is Lilymon speaking.. the one that has the doujins and mangas of loveless.. i'd like to ask if anyone knows how to use "you send it" but to share to everyone? becoause many people are asking me to send the files. and I jyst dont have time to answer to eveyone each time.. so i'd like to make a kind of link... so taht every one can dl... please.. fi someone knows... teache me please... and make loveless fans happy...

{Madridista} said...

why don't u upload it in

it's easy! excellent!

Anonymous said...

To use YouSendIt: Go to, put a recipient's email address in the first box, then upload the file using the Browse... button. If there are multiple files to be sent, stick them in a zip file. When you click on "Send It", you will be given a link to the download page. Then, post the link somewhere for people to see and they can go download it withing 7 days or 25 downloads.

On the Loveless fansubs: Your group name is quite the misnomer. Excellent quality and speed with few errors (maybe 1 or 2 typos that are still easily understood). I especially liked this last episode, where there is some long-awaited fluff. Too bad the preview suggests that it won't last long. Well, that's my two cents. Thank you for the wonderful fansubs ^^

Karienta said...

I've been lurking, I'm sorry.

Just wanted to be part of the masses and thank you for bringing us Loveless so quickly! It must take quite a bit of time from your week. And I have no real way to repay that service thank to say thank you! *grovel*

:D You're the best.

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