Friday, July 01, 2005

Ahh! It's over!!!!

Loveless, episode 12. Final. But I didn't feel like putting it in the filename, as it looks funny to me.

Thank you all that have used the affiliate links to the right, for supporting us, and more importantly, for supporting the anime industry at its source. If you haven't, well, please do. (As noted before, Torgen sees 10% of sales through those links.) With good luck, there'll be a project worth undertaking soon; if not, well, we'll go on hiatus again for a while.


nemuineko said...

thank you for subbing loveless!!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! I hope you don't go on hiatus! Greeat job! >^_^<

{Madridista} said...

thanx so much!!!

gonna download it now..

hope u can add more seeds plz.. cu'z it's slow!

Anonymous said...

thank you thank you thank you for subbing loveless and thank you for speeding sub too.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU and thanks for subbing Loveless =^-^=

lochoko said...

Thank you so much for Subbing Loveless! I just about orgasmed when I saw it. .. Then I realized my best friend was here and decided that doing so would not be in my best interest...

Watching it, however, is. Thanks for such a great show and i hope to see you guys Sub another great Anime in the future!


malaka said...

yesterday was my birthday;)
And this last episode was a nice gift!

Thx a lot for all the great work you did on this anime. And hope to hear from you sooner or later again!

hugz from paris!

Anonymous said...

thank you I'm eternally greatful to you for subbing loveless
H. finland

Debbie said...

Thank you so very much for subbinh Loveless. You did a great job

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to sub Loveless. I enjoyed the show a lot. And that was part for the very nice fansubbing. I am looking forward to your future projects.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to sub Loveless. I enjoyed the show a lot. And that was part for the very nice fansubbing. I am looking forward to your future projects.

anon said...

Thank you for this lovely series! Just wondering, is there going to be a second season, cuz the 'endless' part seemed to indicate that...

Anonymous said...

thank u for all!! :_;
i love you for subbing loveless!._.
u did a GREAT job =3
thanks, thanks, thanks!^-^

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for subbing Loveless.. now that it has come to an end... I keep thinking... "owwwww ;__;"... but everything that starts has to come to an end one day... ^__^.. anyway.. it was a very nice work afterall and I really hope you guys come up with some nice series for subbing for us...

Lilymon here ^__^

Lochoko said...

Aaaah! So good. While a second season would be nice.. I'm not sure if they will or not. Perhaps we'll find out some time in the future. :D

Thanks again for such a wonderful anime!


blueberry~chan said...

yo hoi
loveless has ended *sob sob* but it was endless rite?? there will be a 2nd series or OVA rite??? hopefullly if so looking forward to it.
just to say thxxxxxx so much for the ultra superfast subbing of loveless and subbing the whole series. thank u so much.
we suck fansub daisuki ~chu~

nyaaa~soubi n ritsuka KAWAIII~ so sweeet~!!!

Neciouida said...

Uhm, I keep getting lost digital sections in the downloaded anime so when I play it it is missing pieces of the anime as well as the translations. Is this just me or is there some sort of encoding problem? Thanks again for subbing this great anime!


maho-chan ~^o^~ said...

THANK YOU for the excellent job you made subbing Loveless! In fact, I didn't want it to end ("Nooo... it ended! i-i"), but everything good has to end someday, isn't it? ^^""

I'm hoping that you find another great anime to sub! I'll be looking forward to see it! ^^

Anonymous said...

thank you for the excellent subbing of the anime! - Have you thought about doing some scripts for the manga? Its only been scantilated/translated thru vol 2 as far as I can see - but there are raws of all 5 vols. :) Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!
Loveless is in my top 5 favourite anime list now....
and its all thanks to you guys doing a LOVELY job on the subbing.. and releasing it for all of us to get it.

but I cant believe its over.. ;_; its such a good show..

well! I'm sure the next anime you pick up will be good as well! =D

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the great work on fansubbing Loveless! I love the series! You guys are the best!

Anonymous said...

We Suck Fansubs, thanks for bringing Loveless to us ^-*

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for subbing Loveless for us all. You did an excellent job and I look forward to any other project you have in store.

pRinCesSugaR said...

thank you for all the hard work!! wish u all the best in the years to come...!!

Anonymous said...

Thank yolu for subbing LOVELESS~! I hope if anymore of that series comes out in the future you do it! :D

Anonymous said...

You guys are awesome! Thank you guys so very much for subbing this beautiful series! Not to mention the speed and accuracy! You guys truly rock!


Yin said...

Thank you so much for subbing this GREAT series. Your translations were excellent. *bows*

Karienta said...

Thank you guys. *grovel* You have made the fangirl in me wibble. ^^;

Takeru Takashi said...

NO! I refuse to accept this as the end! there must be a season 2!

Veetwo said...

noo!!! it cannot end like this!! i wan more soubi!!!!

is there any possibility at all of a season 2?

Anonymous said...

i...i-it's..i-i-it'd OVER?!?!??! *has a heart attack*

...T___T damn, i didnt want it to be >__< THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUBBING LOVELESS <33 *infinite glomps and kisses* i seriously hope theres a season two.... >__<

Rude said...

thank you for subbing Loveless! Your work and love shines in the scripts! WeSuck is my hero!

Anonymous said...

Excellent anime y thanks a lot for the subs !! I hope we have a 2nd season soon !!!!

Anonymous said...

yup i hate loveless has to be ended at 12 eps
i realy wanna see it more n more
will they made a new season?

Anonymous said...

big big thx for subbing loveless
i hope there will be eps 13, 14 etc...
i dont want it ended!!!!

vantur said...

Thank goodness this terrible gay anime has finally ended.. althoiugh we such did as usual a good job.. the choice this time was just bad... hope to see your next series.. thanks once again


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