Thursday, April 14, 2005

Yes, the yellow text is intentional. (Edit: it's mainly for contrast. There's a reason retail DVD subtitle tracks are nearly universally yellow text with black borders.)

Loveless episode 2.


Anonymous said...

So gay, yet so good..

jiayi said...

somehow, shallow comments like *that* are so offensive -.-

anyhow, thanks W-S! can't wait to watch the 2nd ep!

igraine said...

I don't care about no stinkin' yellow text. Can't wait for the D/L to finish.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully done~!

Anonymous said...

yay *throws confetti* n__n

Anonymous said...

Awesome episode! Thanks so much the wonderful download. I'm looking foward to more of LOVELESS. The animation is TOP NOTCH.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for releasing it in a matter of 1 day after it aired on TV. It is truly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Amazing episode! This series has got to be one of the best, rather the BEST out there so far.

Justin S said...

What a strange show! I haven't felt such a bizarre mix of WTF and OMG potential in a series since I discovered Utena oh-so-many years ago. (Interesting that both shows have such bisexual tendancies.)

I'll be looking forward to your future releases on this one. And a fantastic subbing job, as always!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for picking this up!!

I love the work you did on Mujin Wakusei and look forward to your excellent work on Loveless. ^^


Serina said...

Amazing!! Episode 2 is almost as good as the first! I'm hooked. After every episode I can't wait for the next. This anime has been beautifully done! Your doing a great job at translating this!! Keep up the good work!! Where can I go to donate to your group specifically?

lavalyn said...

If you wish to support We Suck Fansubs financially, we suggest your purchasing anime-related merchandise through the links provided to the right. We act as referrer affiliates to YesAsia, and see a portion of sales made through those referred products. As Loveless is such a new series, there is very little merchandise for it at this time, but you can see that a link has been prepared for the OP/ED music CD to preorder.

We are happy enough that people will spend money on anime merchandise, instead of bugging on where to download stuff for cheap.

Yuki said...

wow, this episode is out earlier then I expected; thought it would be up sometime this weekend or something. oh well, not complaining :P thanks for the quick sub job, and I look forward to watching more of this wonderful series ^^

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for such a quick update! I'm so pleased with the second episode, that I'm going to be directing everyone to follow your subs from now on.

Thanks for fixing the fonts and its placement. It's a lot easier to read, and it looks heaps better on the screen.

As always, great translations, and thankyou for all the hard work! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm the guy that originally complained about the subtitle fonts.

I don't know what country you are from, but here all the subtitles are in white with some sort of border or transparant black bar as background. I haven't seen yellow since the early 90's and it is definitly not what is best to read imo.

JAppi said...

Professional dvds don't use shadows though!

meli said...

Thanks for another great job. Solid translations, and I can't believe how fast you did it. This show is cool so far and I thought the way this episode was put together was interesting. Geez, so much angst.

blueImpulse said...

...on the topic of Loveless merchandise - I was looking for the manga on, and found the Loveless Vol. 1 Drama CD available for preorder. The release date is May 25, 2005 - same as the OP/ED single. The link is at:

vantur said...

The anime is well made.. but the stuff about guys kissing each other is just too gay and weird..big turn off...
but I guess for those that enjoy the genre... it should be a blast.

I surelly miss an anime of the quality of survive.. look forwards to your future projects We S.. Hope you chose a comedy next time around..
thanks for coming back.. your translations as usual are top notch

Anonymous said...

Hm. Yes, I'd like to see more. I can't decide what to make of this series.... so, yes; if you feel like to subbing more, it'd be nice.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad to see a great fansubbing group do Loveless! Love the anime! Keep up with the awesome work!

raydance said...

Thanks for the excellent and prompt work. I (and a lot of other people, I surmise. =p) appreciate it.

Spread Loveless love!

Anonymous said...

When is the 3rd epi...yearning for more

Loveless freak

Anonymous said...

YAY! I love the LOVELESS! You all have done an awesome job. I would like to commend you for all of your hard work. I look forward to the next episode. Thank you so very much.

And I like the yellow text. It is soo much easier to read. Ignore those silly people who don't know better.

blueImpulse said...

Another merchandise heads-up, thanks to (my post is a translation of the announcement on that page):

The Loveless soundtrack will be released on June 24th for 2,800 yen (excluding taxes). Included are 13 beautiful background songs by Sasaji Masanori. TV-size versions of the opening (Tsuki no KAASU, Curse of the Moon) and ending (Michiyuki, Journey) is also included. The first press edition includes a specially-made jacket size sticker (I think it's like a sticker that is as big as the CD cover...maybe an alternate coversheet or something?)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the relase !! :hugs:. I'm standing by today waiting for eps 3 ^__^

Anonymous said...

Ahh! Thank you for subbing this show I will bow down and kiss your feet! You're subbing is wonderful and I'm so happy that you picked this show up...I was really wanting to see it!

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<Torgen> Next I'll claim that my translations are perfect, and any apparent errors are really elaborate typos.
<MSH> typos introduced by the keyboard of course, not by you!
<Torgen> naturally.
<_bla_> Torgen: why is group called "we suck" then not "my keyboard sucks" ?
<Torgen> typo.
<Torgen> Tyreal: not enough room in your nick for |sucks?
<Tyreal|Seeking|Enlightenment> crap!
<Tyreal|Seeking|Enlightenment> I suck!
* Tyreal|Seeking|Enlightenment is now known as Tyreal|Enlightenment|Sucks
<Tyreal|Enlightenment|Sucks> phew
<Tyreal|Sucks> Torgen: how DID you do those DVD type subs by the way :P
<Tyreal|Sucks> just got fonts that looked like that, or used an actual dvd subtitling proggie
<Torgen> It's Arial.
<Torgen> I used TextSub.
<Tyreal|Sucks> ahh
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> Torgen: THERE YOU ARE
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> Torgen: do you really think I suck ;_;
<Torgen> no.
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> oh good
<Torgen> I was a little worried that it'd be interpreted that way, though.
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> Torgen: nah, I just laughed for about 2 hours
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> When I started getting pm's about it
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> "You're from we-suck"
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> apparently we-suck is popular with the french
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<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> They say they want to "worship you"
<Torgen> I'll put you in parenths next time so it's clear you just post the raws.
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> no, put Tyreal|Sucks in there
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> I'm amused by this now, I kind of like it XD
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<Torgen> while the astronaut gets to look out through the ghost suit's eyeholes.
<Spyre> Torgen that has to be the best analogy ever.
<Spyre> Thats EXACTLY what its like!
* Spyre is in awe
<kara|hw> i told crustol...
<kara|hw> '私解析していてちょっぴり濡れちゃった。'
<kara|hw> he hasnt talked to me in a while
(Trans. note: this is Yoriko's line from about 7 minutes into BPS 03-2)
<AWAY-Bomb|AutoShow> Whee!
<AWAY-Bomb|AutoShow> Suck!
<Torgen> no, because Hawaii would have been right
<Torgen> but it was wrong.
<Torgen> so it was left.
<Torgen> :(foot)
<Torgen> Think you could co-produce some Gundam show with cat girls in it?
<Jekichu-clone> girls...
<Jekichu-clone> ...
<Jekichu-clone> ....
<Jekichu-clone> no
<Torgen> Like have cat-girls (and boys, and women, and men) instead of Newtypes or Coordinators...
<Torgen> or whatever other gundam series had.
<Jekichu-clone> laf, thats straight up pornographic
<Torgen> think of the ratings!
<Jekichu-clone> rawwwrrrr
<PyRC> basket, if everything is recursive, maybe there are no fansubs.
<Torgen> And Ensei doesn't sound like I expected him to when I first saw him...
<Torgen> He looks all gruff...
<Torgen> and he sounds so comical.
<arcImpulse> and you expected...
<Torgen> him to sound all gruff, like those assassins...
<Torgen> but he sounds uncultured;
<Torgen> not rogueish.
<Torgen> it's like, if he said "wanna come over and watch the game?" I'd take a moment to realize that was an anachronism.
<arcImpulse> if you think he sounds weird... just wait till we get to Eccentric Kou
<arcImpulse> and you'd be like...holy anachronism~~
<Torgen> what, does Kou sound like a robot or something?
<arcImpulse> damn, I couldn't fool you, ne?