Sunday, April 17, 2005

Judging from the occasional response so far, it looks like some people are having problems with video playback. Symptoms in this case are mostly floating blocks and mass discolouration of video. Since I am unable to reproduce the error, I'm going to have to ask for detailed problem reports.

A playback test on my system, using ffdshow version "Oct 12 2004 08:43:06" set to use libavcodec to play back XVID content produces no artifacts. Using the same ffdshow set to use Xvid 1 to play back also produces no artifacts. If you are having playback problems, please verify that you are using an XviD codec version 1.1 beta, and/or ffdshow of the above timestamp or later. Email me if problems persist.


Anonymous said...

When I first downloaded Loveless Episode 1 a week ago, I experienced the same problem myself with the "floating blocks" and "mass discolouration" of the video. I arrived at your blog to see what codecs were required to view the video, and saw a link to XviD, went there and downloaded it. Since then, my pictures have been clear, so if people are experiencing this's more than likely just the XviD codec. Just to let you know. Thank you very much for subbing Loveless ^_^

AFEditor said...

I heard a rumor in the community that the loveless story is related to the real life story of Lavalyn and Torgen. Is this true?

elione said...

I dl-ed the latest XviD codec, and it worked. :]
Thank you!

aburame said...

Hi, thanks for picking up Loveless first of all, it looks like a great series.

Also, does We Suck have an IRC channel? Thanks.

lavalyn said...

No, we do not have an IRC channel. After all, we are a small group. We think it is quite sufficient for communication via email, this blog, and our identities in other irc environments. lavalyn can normally be found in, for example.

Serina said...

EEEK! ....I'm dying..need more Loveless! *begs at your feet and grovels* I'm sorry...I'm a terrible person...I need my next fix of loveless <3 ^_^= hehehe sorry, looking forward to next episode! Once again you are great people and I am a huge fan...but desperate to find out more >_< no pressure...just excited! Meow out for the kitty boys! ^_^ v

newt said...

Awesome work with the fansubbing. I've had no probs myself viewing the episodes. Or it could have been the beer. Jokes.
If you need help seeding or something let me know, would be glad to help if I can figure out how.... O______O

newt said...

Oh duh ... NM ... *leaves BT running* ... It's the beer.... -_____-;;;

Kiry said...

Try using the VLC Media Player instead of messing with XviD and DivX. It plays EVERYTHING (even .mkv) except Real Player stuff.

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<MSH> typos introduced by the keyboard of course, not by you!
<Torgen> naturally.
<_bla_> Torgen: why is group called "we suck" then not "my keyboard sucks" ?
<Torgen> typo.
<Torgen> Tyreal: not enough room in your nick for |sucks?
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<Torgen> I used TextSub.
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<Jekichu-clone> ....
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<Jekichu-clone> laf, thats straight up pornographic
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<Jekichu-clone> rawwwrrrr
<PyRC> basket, if everything is recursive, maybe there are no fansubs.
<Torgen> And Ensei doesn't sound like I expected him to when I first saw him...
<Torgen> He looks all gruff...
<Torgen> and he sounds so comical.
<arcImpulse> and you expected...
<Torgen> him to sound all gruff, like those assassins...
<Torgen> but he sounds uncultured;
<Torgen> not rogueish.
<Torgen> it's like, if he said "wanna come over and watch the game?" I'd take a moment to realize that was an anachronism.
<arcImpulse> if you think he sounds weird... just wait till we get to Eccentric Kou
<arcImpulse> and you'd be like...holy anachronism~~
<Torgen> what, does Kou sound like a robot or something?
<arcImpulse> damn, I couldn't fool you, ne?