Friday, April 22, 2005

Loveless episode 3 is on the torrents... hopefully I can actually manage to succeed in seeding though, as the ISP seems to be making it hard to do things like that. I need a better provider...


Ruby said...

thanks..i can wait to download this ^^

Anonymous said...

you guys absolutely rock. thank you!!!


Anonymous said...

I've been waiting all week for this! thanks so much for such speedy translating~ <3

Angèle said...

Thanks, guys. Fast releases are always appreciated, especially when they have such nice translations. Is it perhaps possible to obtain a better-quality video file, though? Yours look a bit washed-out. =/

Oh, do you folks have an irc channel?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for releasing episode 3 in such a speed! I can't wait to watch it! Love you guys!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow it's already out? Cool i'm gonna check it out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! You're so fast and your releases rock. <3

glitter_penpen said...

uwaaaaah thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

So great, you are all congratulated for the speedy tranlation... I workship you all!!

Kat said...

You guys are great! Thanks for the subbing!!! And so fast too!! O_O!!!

Toby said...

Kudos to everyone involved in the project...
Your work is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

please ignore this little request of mine but it'd be nice if you could leave the extra translations here and there 'linger' a bit longer. they flash by so quickly that i didn't get a chance to read them. other than that, you guys did a wonderful job! thank you! ^__^

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how fast you are AND you do a good job. Your awesomeness knows no bounds. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

This show owns. You guys do some terrific work, and so quickly too. Thank you for subbing this gem, and please keep up the good work! =)

Yin said...

Ah, thank you so much. I've been waiting this whole week for this :)

Anonymous said...

Loveless is awesome! You guys rock! Thank you guys for all your hardwork! Always appreciate the fast release! Keep up with the great work!

adrian said...

Once again, thanks for your speedy and high quality releases. It's little saddening to see such commotion from fan girls and homophobes alike, but it's apparent that this series is promising in a way that goes beyond such squabbles, as you've already noted, and I look foward to the seeing the rest!

Sauki said...

Thank you ssooo much for being so speedy and having such great quality at the same time. *_* You own my soul for the next 30 minutes as I watch this newest episode. <3

~ Sauki

Random Quote

<Torgen> Next I'll claim that my translations are perfect, and any apparent errors are really elaborate typos.
<MSH> typos introduced by the keyboard of course, not by you!
<Torgen> naturally.
<_bla_> Torgen: why is group called "we suck" then not "my keyboard sucks" ?
<Torgen> typo.
<Torgen> Tyreal: not enough room in your nick for |sucks?
<Tyreal|Seeking|Enlightenment> crap!
<Tyreal|Seeking|Enlightenment> I suck!
* Tyreal|Seeking|Enlightenment is now known as Tyreal|Enlightenment|Sucks
<Tyreal|Enlightenment|Sucks> phew
<Tyreal|Sucks> Torgen: how DID you do those DVD type subs by the way :P
<Tyreal|Sucks> just got fonts that looked like that, or used an actual dvd subtitling proggie
<Torgen> It's Arial.
<Torgen> I used TextSub.
<Tyreal|Sucks> ahh
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> Torgen: THERE YOU ARE
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> Torgen: do you really think I suck ;_;
<Torgen> no.
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> oh good
<Torgen> I was a little worried that it'd be interpreted that way, though.
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> Torgen: nah, I just laughed for about 2 hours
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> When I started getting pm's about it
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> "You're from we-suck"
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> apparently we-suck is popular with the french
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> Don't ask me why XD
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> They say they want to "worship you"
<Torgen> I'll put you in parenths next time so it's clear you just post the raws.
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> no, put Tyreal|Sucks in there
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> I'm amused by this now, I kind of like it XD
<Shouta> <WeSuck> You = my bitch
<Torgen> Yeah, it's like taking the ghost suit of the ghost lego man and putting it on the astronaut lego man.
<Torgen> The ghost lego man is now just a normal lego man with a featureless face.
<Torgen> while the astronaut gets to look out through the ghost suit's eyeholes.
<Spyre> Torgen that has to be the best analogy ever.
<Spyre> Thats EXACTLY what its like!
* Spyre is in awe
<kara|hw> i told crustol...
<kara|hw> '私解析していてちょっぴり濡れちゃった。'
<kara|hw> he hasnt talked to me in a while
(Trans. note: this is Yoriko's line from about 7 minutes into BPS 03-2)
<AWAY-Bomb|AutoShow> Whee!
<AWAY-Bomb|AutoShow> Suck!
<Torgen> no, because Hawaii would have been right
<Torgen> but it was wrong.
<Torgen> so it was left.
<Torgen> :(foot)
<Torgen> Think you could co-produce some Gundam show with cat girls in it?
<Jekichu-clone> girls...
<Jekichu-clone> ...
<Jekichu-clone> ....
<Jekichu-clone> no
<Torgen> Like have cat-girls (and boys, and women, and men) instead of Newtypes or Coordinators...
<Torgen> or whatever other gundam series had.
<Jekichu-clone> laf, thats straight up pornographic
<Torgen> think of the ratings!
<Jekichu-clone> rawwwrrrr
<PyRC> basket, if everything is recursive, maybe there are no fansubs.
<Torgen> And Ensei doesn't sound like I expected him to when I first saw him...
<Torgen> He looks all gruff...
<Torgen> and he sounds so comical.
<arcImpulse> and you expected...
<Torgen> him to sound all gruff, like those assassins...
<Torgen> but he sounds uncultured;
<Torgen> not rogueish.
<Torgen> it's like, if he said "wanna come over and watch the game?" I'd take a moment to realize that was an anachronism.
<arcImpulse> if you think he sounds weird... just wait till we get to Eccentric Kou
<arcImpulse> and you'd be like...holy anachronism~~
<Torgen> what, does Kou sound like a robot or something?
<arcImpulse> damn, I couldn't fool you, ne?