Sunday, August 13, 2006

Another Karin DVD script set is available, and has been integrated into the scriptpack, as usual. So if you're a buyer of the Karin DVDs from Japan, here's the next installment of scripts. If you're not currently a buyer, well, I doubt I'm convincing you now. But buy it anyway :)

Remember that Tale of Saiunkoku disc 1 is out as well, so if you like that series, buy those discs as they come out too.


Mel said...

I can't wait until you guys sub epsisode 10. I'm really looking forward to it. ^^;

Anonymous said...

First things first...Thanks for all the hard work ya'll put into subbing anime! Now I can ask... When's episode 10 of Tale of Saiunkoku gonna be posted?

Anonymous said...

well2 just be patient guys~ you know they deserve better you know and they can do what they want~ anyway it's good to know that they haven't drop this series~

carrotcake^^ said...

i just want to ask the saiunkoku DVDs are they subbed in English since i'm quite interested to buy it~

NyoOooOOo said...

hiiii just want to ask you~ you're not going to drop saiunkoku series rite? since you're the only one who subbed it><

Torgen said...

We're not dropping Saiunkoku. We'd tell you if we were dropping it.
The Saiunkoku DVDs don't have english subtitles on them. That's why we post DVDSubber script files. (Our Saiunkoku DVDs haven't arrived yet, which is why we haven't posted those script files yet.)

Sarah said...

about what other people have said about dropping seems to me the issue is your timeing combined w/ your policy. i'm not complaining about how fast you put episodes out (though I'm prodigiously happy when you do ^_^), it just that eventually the DVD realeases are going to catch up w/ the rate at which you subtitle. So...the bottom line is you'll eventually have to drop the project or put out faster. Anyhow! I love Saiunkoku and squealed when the monthly I bought in Japan had a mini clear folder for it included ^___^

arcImpulse said...

An explanation about our schedule:
The current delay is mainly caused by me a) having a full-time job and social life; b) busy in said full-time job; and c) procrastination in general. For the procrastination part, I apologize.

As for the policy - at this point, we have 3 DVDs worth of episodes complete. The first DVD for which we don't have material complete yet (that is, Volume 4) will not be released until early November, 2006. So unless I seriously slack off for the next 2 months to get Episodes 10 - 12 done, I am confident that the DVD schedule will not overtake us. (Or the episodes will have to go script-only, which will be unfair to our viewers.)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say great job with the Saiunkoku Monogatari series!!! Love it
Can't wait for the next chapters :)

Anonymous said...

Unless you post a minimum of three episodes per month, they will overtake you -- period.

The math is easy -- They put out three, you put out approximately two. Your episode lead shrinks by one per month. Assuming episode ten comes out in August (thus making your current lead seven) -- you'll be overtaken in February or March. In February, your lead will be zero and in March it would be, well -1.

As the original poster expressing concern said, I'm not going to complain about your posting rate or policy per se, I'm rather too grateful that you're doing it, but the reality of it is, given your stated policy unless your posting rate increases (or your policy changes), you're hooking us all on a series that you will be forced to drop.

arcImpulse said...

@Anonymous above:
There will be at least 3 episodes per month. The recent delay is an aberration on my part. Which I apologize for.

Like I said before, unless I *seriously* slack off, we can still maintain the lead we have on the DVDs.

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