Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Just a little reminder that last week there was no Karin episode. Since our staff got a little bored in the meantime, we've started a translation project on the series Tale of Saiunkoku, the first episode released just now.

Please welcome our newest staff member arcImpulse, another translator for our team.


Anonymous said...

Aww.. T_T No Karin episode. Damn this is the last episode, I'm getting hyper... MUST..WATCH X_x

Anonymous said...

Hello WSF,

Tale of Saiunkoku, it's really good. We hope you could keep subbing it. Again, thank you for your hard work in bringing nice anime to all of us!.

Anonymous said...

Definitely glad you guys are picking this up! I've been watching Karin with you throughout and this new show looks excellent, too. Thanks!

Ravenstar said...

Just wanted to thank you all for your work on Karin and say that I, too, hope you will keep Saiunkoku. It looks interesting.

Estara said...

Thank you thank you thank you for picking that one up!

Thuy said...

Yay!!! Thank you for picking this project up and for all the hard work. So far it looks like a good anime.

Anonymous said...

This is a blessing - for picking up the new show. Hope it's as fast as Karin's speed for the releases. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Good to have another group doing this, especially since you guys don't seem to make silly mistakes on the level of translating Kihi as Empress. I'm sold ^_^

Anonymous said...

I really hope you guys keep subbing Saiunkoku, I like this show! thanks for subbing it!!

shnony said...
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shnony said...


wow NICE JOB guys ....thank you for the good job i hope that you keep this work for this anime ((Tale of Saiunkoku))

and we are waiting for the next episode,,,,


Anonymous said...

I like this show. Please keep subbing it. I don't like the job others have done in the translation. If I can tell your mistakes you are making to many.

bakaman said...

Great job translating this, keeping the tone and everything, and it looks like an interesting series.

One request though:

Please, PLEASE , PLEASE go back to using a LARGER FONT!

It's kind of like watching Karin Ep. 2 -- the fonts here are just too small, and they often go by quickly. Even though it may seem like using smaller fonts will be less of a distraction, it's actually the opposite.

Please consider using normal-sized fonts like you do currently for Karin.. it looks like a great show, and once again, your work here seems superior to others out there.. but please re-consider the font size -- they're too small and hard to read.

meliak said...

Great job on Tale of Saiunkoku.
Hopefully more to come soon? :-)

Anonymous said...

i looove the saiunkoku epd. pleeeease keep this up :) i'm looking forward to the next epds to this.
thanks for your hard work

Mint said...

Is Karin 24 in the process of being subbed? =]

Torgen said...

Patience. Some of us have full time jobs.

Anonymous said...

he asked:
"Is Karin 24 in the process of being subbed?" , not:
"Hurry up with episode 24!"

The sarcasm isn't necessary, is it?
Is 24 in the process?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous 5/12/2006 8:57 PM:
Summary of previous posts: Earnest question followed by teasing response followed by incredulous outrage at unexpected answer.
Suggestion: Avoid using email and instant messaging, you will have many misunderstandings.

Torgin said...

Sorry for the announcement, but because of all the constant pestering about when or if episode 24 is in the process of being subbed, we have decided to drop Karin at this point and NOT subtitle the final episode. We wish to thank those of you who have supported us for your support, and hope you join us for our next series: Kanon II. However, since I am actually not "Torgen" but rather "Torgin" (the similar name is obviously just a coincidence), I probably have no idea what I'm talking about, and it's probably best just to completely disregard this entire post and mourn the loss of the 21 seconds it has taken you to read this far. In the meantime, why doesn't everyone just calm down, give the WeSuck team a chance to, I don't know, have dinner? And actually work on the thing instead of having to reply to pestering "Are you working on it? Are you wokring on it? Are you working on it?" posts. Call me stupid for leaping to wild conclusions, but if WeSuck has subtitled the last 23 episodes, chances are probably pretty good they intend to do the final one as well. Oh, and I was just kidding. Our next series will be "Greatest Enka Singers of 1961." Look forwad to it.

arcImpulse said...

Too bad you didn't call yourself Torgan, a.k.a. editor for ANBU. Torgan's been fansubbing even before the existence of We Suck. (BTW, is Torgan-san still doing editing?)

bakaman said...

Arcimpulse: Didn't know there was a "Torgan" too, but definitely remember ANBU.. they've done some good shows.
Apologies for anyone who didn't take the time to read past the first two sentences of my joke post, but jeez, give Torgen and lavalyn a break people.

Anime Bento said...

I'm glad you guys are subbing Saiunkoku! ;)) I have totally fallen in love with the series ... you guys have jobs so I won't pester you guys about subbing etc. But maybe I should learn japanese and help you guys instead one day ... ;)

risa-san said...

Hi guys, would just like to sincerely thank you guys for picking this title up and taking your time to fansub it! =) much much appreciated!

metu said...

Please continue with Saiunkoku. I've only seen one episode and already I'm addicted. Just can't wait to see more. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this series, please keep up your great work!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous : 5/12/2006 9:42 PM

I have a suggestion for you, why not stop breathing? That way you won't waste peoples' times trying to practice a profession you have no understanding of, counseling. Bleach + you = a winning combo.

Random Quote

<Torgen> Next I'll claim that my translations are perfect, and any apparent errors are really elaborate typos.
<MSH> typos introduced by the keyboard of course, not by you!
<Torgen> naturally.
<_bla_> Torgen: why is group called "we suck" then not "my keyboard sucks" ?
<Torgen> typo.
<Torgen> Tyreal: not enough room in your nick for |sucks?
<Tyreal|Seeking|Enlightenment> crap!
<Tyreal|Seeking|Enlightenment> I suck!
* Tyreal|Seeking|Enlightenment is now known as Tyreal|Enlightenment|Sucks
<Tyreal|Enlightenment|Sucks> phew
<Tyreal|Sucks> Torgen: how DID you do those DVD type subs by the way :P
<Tyreal|Sucks> just got fonts that looked like that, or used an actual dvd subtitling proggie
<Torgen> It's Arial.
<Torgen> I used TextSub.
<Tyreal|Sucks> ahh
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> Torgen: THERE YOU ARE
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> Torgen: do you really think I suck ;_;
<Torgen> no.
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> oh good
<Torgen> I was a little worried that it'd be interpreted that way, though.
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> Torgen: nah, I just laughed for about 2 hours
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> When I started getting pm's about it
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> "You're from we-suck"
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> apparently we-suck is popular with the french
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> Don't ask me why XD
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> They say they want to "worship you"
<Torgen> I'll put you in parenths next time so it's clear you just post the raws.
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> no, put Tyreal|Sucks in there
<Tyreal|Work|Sucks> I'm amused by this now, I kind of like it XD
<Shouta> <WeSuck> You = my bitch
<Torgen> Yeah, it's like taking the ghost suit of the ghost lego man and putting it on the astronaut lego man.
<Torgen> The ghost lego man is now just a normal lego man with a featureless face.
<Torgen> while the astronaut gets to look out through the ghost suit's eyeholes.
<Spyre> Torgen that has to be the best analogy ever.
<Spyre> Thats EXACTLY what its like!
* Spyre is in awe
<kara|hw> i told crustol...
<kara|hw> '私解析していてちょっぴり濡れちゃった。'
<kara|hw> he hasnt talked to me in a while
(Trans. note: this is Yoriko's line from about 7 minutes into BPS 03-2)
<AWAY-Bomb|AutoShow> Whee!
<AWAY-Bomb|AutoShow> Suck!
<Torgen> no, because Hawaii would have been right
<Torgen> but it was wrong.
<Torgen> so it was left.
<Torgen> :(foot)
<Torgen> Think you could co-produce some Gundam show with cat girls in it?
<Jekichu-clone> girls...
<Jekichu-clone> ...
<Jekichu-clone> ....
<Jekichu-clone> no
<Torgen> Like have cat-girls (and boys, and women, and men) instead of Newtypes or Coordinators...
<Torgen> or whatever other gundam series had.
<Jekichu-clone> laf, thats straight up pornographic
<Torgen> think of the ratings!
<Jekichu-clone> rawwwrrrr
<PyRC> basket, if everything is recursive, maybe there are no fansubs.
<Torgen> And Ensei doesn't sound like I expected him to when I first saw him...
<Torgen> He looks all gruff...
<Torgen> and he sounds so comical.
<arcImpulse> and you expected...
<Torgen> him to sound all gruff, like those assassins...
<Torgen> but he sounds uncultured;
<Torgen> not rogueish.
<Torgen> it's like, if he said "wanna come over and watch the game?" I'd take a moment to realize that was an anachronism.
<arcImpulse> if you think he sounds weird... just wait till we get to Eccentric Kou
<arcImpulse> and you'd be like...holy anachronism~~
<Torgen> what, does Kou sound like a robot or something?
<arcImpulse> damn, I couldn't fool you, ne?