Sunday, January 15, 2006

As evidenced by the enormous number of comments to the previous post, it looks like I stopped seeding Karin episode 10 a little too soon. For that, I apologize. That said, two things:

1. I will stop seeding when BitTorrent says there are more than 30 other seeds around. So for anybody that is using a client that is claiming to be a seed to the tracker or to other clients, I suggest using a real client that doesn't lie so badly. You certainly fooled me.

2. A stalled torrent should not a hundred posts make. I'm not waking up because of people making comments of this sort.

I'm tempted to enforce civility again via comment lockout, but we'll see how it goes for now.

Edit: yes, I restarted seeding. And then I check the scarywater status page - there should not be 100 seeders when I'm not done seeding yet!


TwilightGlow said...

Yay go lavalyn :X. Haha, sorry, I was part of that commenting frenzy, boredom is all. You guys do a great job subbing, keep it up :S.

Tpeda said...

ahhh i contributed alot to the comment frenzy :o although none of it was in complaint, im not sure i see the problem. unless u get in trouble for too many comments :o

Anonymous said...

Went from 3 seeds to 5000 in a matter of minutes

syn said...

now here we go with nearly 4700 seeders
Thank you very much We Suck!

Elyscape said...

I believe that the status page is a bit weird on the seeder thing. I think it's counting you several times. I could be wrong, but I imagine that whatever client you use stops and restarts seeding many times. Each time it does that, the status page thinks you're a new seeder for some stupid reason. I've seen this on other trackers before. The best way to avoid falling for it is to only trust the value that your client says, as it doesn't generally screw up so badly. That is, it'll catch the fact that a bazillion seeders have the same IP address and count them as one seeder.

TwilightGlow said...

Actually, some programs allow you to turn on "Seeder" status before your download is completed, I think it increases your download speed an insignificant amount or something.

Deathstrike said...

Woo, thanks, now I finally have my last 11%! Now, I'm off to watch this. And I'll keep seeding until dl/ul ratio is at least 1:10 =D

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, I often use Bit Tornado's "Super Seeder" mode after downloading an ep, which does just the opposite. It pretends it has no data, but actually tries to provide the data that's most rare on the torrent.

Also, thanks for the sub!


Elyscape said...

Samiti: actually, Super Seeding is a bit different. Normal seeding uploads the rarest data. Super Seeding pretends you're a leecher, then uploads individual pieces only once to different people and sees which ones get around the quickest. This identifies people with the quickest upload speeds. You then upload to them exclusively, the idea being that then everyone else will get the data more quickly. This only works, however, if you're the only seeder, as the algorhythm doesn't expect data to be coming from anywhere other than you. If there's more than one seeder, Super Seeding can actually do more harm than good. Therefore, I would recommend not using it unless you started the torrent to begin with.

Celes said...

I had the impression that most of the 100+ posts were meant to be funny not to attack your action.

Animesuki and always showed the same number of seeds as my client did. Meanwhile I thought scarywater went crazy >_>

Keep up your good and honest (concerning licensing issues) work. ^^

Anonymous said...

I dont know what the problem for seedings. Seeding suppose to help people to download fast [More Seeder the faster download] and if you want to be only to be the seeder [1] seeder do other people will actually DL it? Most people on torrent dl the most seeder. Seeder doesnt steal other people work or any other as long u have ur copyright on the movie its urs. Were lucky there are other people seeding cuz it take alot of bandwith and take ur internet connection speed down. So i dont see any problem about seeding.

Elyscape said...

The problem is when people say they're seeding but aren't really seeders, as they don't have the whole file yet.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the episode 10 ^^
It's really worth having you saved as a favorite ^^
but please: make something again the spammer like in the news with 137 comments. thanks again

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sub, great work.
"Let's have an explosion!" (heh).

Anonymous said...

Elyscape: Aha... that's good to know. I guess that I misunderstood the explanation offered in Bit Tornado's website. I was thinking that traidtional seeds just offered whatever the client requested, ignoring the availability of identical data on other seeders.


Elyscape said...

I was thinking that traidtional seeds just offered whatever the client requested, ignoring the availability of identical data on other seeders.
I believe that normal seeders do that as well, but they put a higher priority on requests for rarer pieces. If a peer is missing a rare piece and doesn't request it, the seed will sometimes send it anyway. Also, clients are designed to download the rarest pieces first, so there's that on the requesting side too.

Torgen said...

I don't think the protocol lets anyone send data to anyone who didn't request it, be they seed or downloader.

Steve Nordquist said...

I feel cheated of course, because I've never played an incomplete ep. of Mai (anything) [Anyone] and gotten a completely mangled plotline. Let's face it; Torrents have something to offer in directorial messing-u-up that Tarentino can only hope to approach....

Then again, if you've had a room playing Tale of the Genji in an endles s loop, and popped in at random, it's maybe disappointing.

Also; does Azureus show Seeding when in fact the torrent is Queued, or does it show Seeding? I'm certain that seeding while not actually sending any packets doesn't result in a 'Loafing' status....

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