Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tale of Saiunkoku, episode 8 is now available on the torrents. Please support We Suck Fansubs by buying stuff from Yesasia, as listed on the right sidebar. We seem to need to do more advertising for the DVDs given the comments counts on our blog posts.


kim said...

yeeey! ahhaha, i'm such a loser! thaaanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Yaaay ! \0/, good job ^^

Anonymous said...

You definitely don't suck :)

But it's a bit weird when the emperor in Saiunkoku refers to himself in plural form..

Why is that?

Anonymous said...

thanks!! for the release~

Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks for this release! I can't wait the next one!

Anonymous said...

yay! thanks! Can't wait for the next one

and to anonymous asking about why the Emperor refers to himself as "we"...
It's considered the "Royal We" and it's sort of a tradition. I think other monarchies did it as well. It's used to show that when the monarch speaks, he's also speaking for his people as well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you soo much for the release of episode 8, I just know its going to be great! You guys should change your name to "we rule fansubs".

Kristian Järventaus said...

Thanks for the release! Now I can finish my secret formula for chemical x-r2 and take over the world! Bwahahaha!

metu said...

Thank you for doing this. The emperor is getting sweeter and sweeter. He's my favourite.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see more love triangles in this anime. Thanks for releasing episode 8!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I've been waiting diligently! ^^

aujahlisa said...

many thanks for your well done subs! I enjoy them a lot.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting episode! Thank you for the release!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your hardwork!

Anonymous said...

Point of interest, Ensei looks to be the Japanese pronounciation of Yan Qing (

Anonymous said...

The exact term of using the "we" is pluralis majistatis, use of reference to one's person as well as the body the person represents. You'll notice that when he speaks to Shouurei alone, sometimes he does not use the royal "we", however, whenever he is in public, he always uses the plural form. As an emperor he is responsible as both a person and a country for his actions. There's other incidences of pluralis modestiae (for readers) and pluralis auctoris (for an audience), such as a teacher might use in giving a lecture: e.g. Let us calculate this equation together.

Twinkstar said...
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Twinkstar said...

hahaha.. i wonder what the foolish emperor will do next ep

shawna said...

Great I loved it. I honestly can't wait for the next one. I am glad to have found the place that does this anime. The love triangle is amzing, and the Emperor is soo sweet and such a moran. I love it greatly. I wish you had more time so I could see them quicker but you know the saying. Good things come to those who wait. Thanks again for the great job you are doing!!!

Buyo said...

Awesome episode, thank you! XD

Anonymous said...

Love this series, thanks so much for all your hard work!!

Anonymous said...

I love it and bubble tea too. Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it and bubble tea too. Thank you!!!

Twinkstar said...

funny emperor!!! i love the part when his dreaming......

ep 9 when will be released?

impz said...

heya, this is really a really interesting fansub group, considering that there's only [we suck] who is subbing one of the most understated anime for this spring season.

Good work on it all the while and i will be checking on this page. Cheers ^_^

Anonymous said...

i'm really waiting for more episodes IMPATIENTLY~~~~ Thanks for subbing this anime anyway, i quite like it to be honest! Thanks

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