Saturday, January 07, 2006

My vacation was very enjoyable, thank you very much, and we have mostly returned to our regular schedule for encoding and real life. Karin, episode 9, mildly delayed, mainly by the pre-empting of said series in Japan, remember.


Anonymous said...

I'm not usually one to complain, but the encoding quality on this one was lower than it has been in previous episodes, and I noticed 2 typos. A "version 2" might be advisable.

Rioraku said...

c' can't be perfect, atleast these guys take the time to do it...anyway, it was another great ep....i kinda felt sorry for the dog lol

Anonymous said...

How are you guys getting the episodes so fast? I don't see it on any of the bots yet (if there is one that has it, can you post it here?) and my BT has been dreadfully slow for the last hour. I'm at 3%.

Ian said...

anonymous, our BitTorrent isn't dreadfully slow. ;)

The encoding was a bit off, but I can't tell the difference when I watch from my couch.

It was a good ep.

syn said...

Thanks for Karin 9 Torgen, cant wait to see it =DD

syn said...

At first I have to say, the encoding wasnt bad at all. I didnt notice any difference between this and the other ones.

And congratulations to your 100th fansub translation Torgen =) you´re doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had fun, looking forward for new awesome subs ^^

Anonymous said...

thx for new episode^^ i love we suck

Anonymous said...

Thank you, it was really fast.
It just aired the 5th... How did you make, it this fast?
Anyway.. I'm really happy.
Did i say thanks?

bakaman said...

Hi Torgen/Lavalyn, Bakaman here. A few comments if I may. First of all, having just watched Karin #9, I have to agree with what others have written.. the encoding quality (or perhaps it was the source?) is a lot worse than the other episodes. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to sound ungrateful.. you guys always do a great job, and I'm thankful for you doing the show! But just for helpful criticism or pointers, you should be aware that it isn't up to your normal "We Suck" standards (best way I can put it is, it looks like a VCR on EP/SLP speed instead of DVD quality). Lots of artifacting, and some blurring on some scene changes. Not sure what was done differently, but it's definitely visible. Not sure if it's worth a v2 effort.. that's up to you guys I guess, just wanted to point it out.
As far as my comment on the encoding for Episode 8 (see the other post), I had written that no matter what I did, the file would not play in my Divx-certified DVD player (only on my computer) -- where all your other episodes had played OK. Well, I just bought another Divx-certified DVD player (completely different brand, model year, completely different) and the same thing. For some reason, whatever happened with Karin #8 it won't play in any of these home Divx DVD player decks (but 1-7 play just fine -- and so does #9). At this point it's pretty moot, but wanted to just let you know, since I just bought a 2nd completely different Divx deck, and was curious myself.
These criticisms aside, just want to thank you both again for your great work on the show. I especially loved this episode, as it was a nice touching episode with Anju. This is definitely one of my favorite ones (so far). As far as the encoding quality, just curious, was the source worse this time, or something different? Again, not trying to sound ungrateful, and we're all certianly grateful for all the work you put into this with no reward (we know!), but just wanted to let you guys know that for some reason, the video quality wasn't up to the usual supurb WeSuck (r) (tm) (c) standards in previous episodes.
So Lavalyn just got back from Hong Kong? I wonder how much those 2.5" PMPs in Mong Kok are going for now (they were US$108 in August)...

Kyo"shirou" said...

Nice to have you back Lavalyn. ^^

TwilightGlow said...

Hm, bakaman, have you tried added the .avi tag to the end of the title of Karin 9? For some reason sometimes when i DL a ep it doesn't have the tag for whatever reason, but I can play it fine when I add the .avi tag at the end. :P

Goodjob on the episode, although I did notice 3 typos, but that's fine, as long as its still inteligable I'm happy. ^_^

bakaman said...

twilight glow, the "AVI" isn't the problem.. #9 "plays" fine, but at a lower video quality than all the other episodes as others have pointed out. Too bad too, because it's a great episode :) (Again, not complaining, just pointing it out).

Torgen said...

My choice of raws was between blurry and strobe light checkerboard deinterlacing artifacts. Blurry bothered me less.

Kyo"shirou" said...

bla bla, whatever... it's a great ep and you guys are the only1 doing this, why should we complain?

If you want a better one, make it yourself!

JohnnyA said...

I posted this comment on ANIDB, but would like to express my view here also.

Thank You for putting out Karin so quickly & still able to maintain excellent translations & timing too. I look forward each week for your encode of this anime. Also I never thanked you for SURVIVE!. Not only did you do an outstanding job, you were the only ones to complete it. The few anime you take on, we can at least know you will bring it to a completion in a timely manner.

Also for people who having problems playing avi files, you have to rename(.avi_ to .avi).
Why that underline appears after avi,who knows? I've had 3 eps I dl like that.

Keep up the good work!!!

bakaman said...

Ah, so the raws weren't as good quality this time, eh? That explains it. Thanks again for the great work.

It's a shame there will be more upcoming pre-emptions. Maybe we should write WOWOW and urge them to pre-empt everything else for Karin :)

It's interesting to see also how the TV anime is going off quite a bit different than the manga, whereas often the anime and manga are virtually the same. I like the TV version quite a bit (I hope they skip Granny... Karin's dad's mother).

If I remember right, isn't Karin a "no-scramble" show on WOWOW? Does that mean anyone can receive it, or do you have to have the WOWOW BS dish anyway (and just not have to pay the monthly fee?)

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