Saturday, August 07, 2004

Apparently there's a new version of DVDSubber, version 2 RC1c or somesuch. If anyone wants to try it and let me know of any incompatibilities with scripts we've previously released, I'd appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of DVDSubber, been playing with it myself with one of my other titles, "fansubbing" a commecial title I had bought with an old script from the VHS days. I wasn't too fond of the commercial subtitles' or the dub's rendition of some of the dialog, so I figured I'd give DVDSubber a crack. Having finally managed to locate on the 'Net a copy the old script othat was used for the VHS fansub of the show in quesiton, I was set to have fun.

For a baseline test, I load up a script, then offset the entire script by about a second or so; things seemed to line up reasonably well with some very minor timing oddities here and there. I haven't even begun to worry about formatting; this was just merely a quick test with an old JacoSub script from about a decade ago or so against a DVD I bought in summer of 2002.

Though in your experience, going from a raw of, say, SURVIVE to the DVD version, how much tweakage did you have to do on the scripts in terms of timing?

Anyway, I'll have to pick up the new DVDSubber to see what it does with my own scripts.


Torgen said...

It depends on the show. With Popotan, I think I made one select per episode, whereas with Survive, I think there were episodes with as many as eight--between two lines of dialogue, the subtitles would get half a second out of sync, so I'd have to make a new select to resynchronize them.

Anonymous said...

Some initial impressions:

I cannot change the subtitle fonts, no matter how hard I try. The scripts themselves, since I only just aligned the first events up, seem to be OK. I can't speak to how it formats things since I don't have any experience in formatting yet.

Another major complaint: Menus don't work, at least with the title I'm working with, in this case, Video Girl Ai. However, I -CAN- use the chapter select dialog from within the program to navigate.

I haven't tried any other titles that I have (nor have I tried looking for scripts; I just grabbed what I had going and worked with it).

By the way, you can install DVDSubber 2 alongside DVDSubber 1 and they won't conflict. That way you can test with both versions.

Apparently, with this release, the subtitle editor is completely separate, so you could run the editor independently of the main program.

Hope this helps!


Anonymous said...

First I take this opportunity to give a huge thanks to WeSuck team for releasing their scripts for R2 buyers, it's greatly appreciated :)

Now about the new version, normally scripts created with the old version should be 100% compatible with the new one (But the opposite is not true if you enable ASSA feature in DVDSubber2) .

However there might be a problem with some scripts due to a bug of the old version :

When you edited a script with DVDSubber 1 it only changed the Y resolution and not the X resolution. For example you had a 320x240 script (1.33 ratio),and you edited it on a 1024x768 computer with the old version the the resolution end up being 320x768.

Before it wasn't a problem as the program only cared about the Y resolution, but if you try to playback such a script with the new version, DVDSubber will believe that the script resolution really is 320x780 (0.41 ratio) and will change the subtitles size and placement accordingly resulting in a pretty messed up screen.

To correct this king or problem you need to change the X resolution (Using the new editor) to a correct value.

Now for Ian, you should post an explanation of your problems on the DVDSubber forum. It will be easier for me to help you there. But for a quick answer : To change fonts of some subs you need to modify the style that the subtitles in question are using. But about the menu that didn't work problem I need more info to know what is wrong. (but on my tests systems it works correctly. Except with WMR-9)


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